Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different 2019-09-03T13:27:15+00:00

Exclusive partnerships

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships. As potential candidates are not necessarily job seekers, every process of our engagement, from market research to candidate identification and placement is discreet, personalised, and professional.

A thorough understanding of the role

Our selection process is a systematic and methodical and is continually expanding and developing according to industries’ needs and previous learnt experiences, which means we keep our model proactive, current, and agile to match each client’s needs. Our sourcing strategy combines an evaluation of the industry, the company’s profile, and the candidate’s character and background, including detailed and discreet reference checks.

A results-driven team

Our unique method of sourcing talent means that we have a quick turnaround time. We contractually agree to a 21 day window to present a short-list of potential candidates. Our 21 day guarantee is unique to Incahoots, offering you something no other executive search company can promise.

Seeking overall compatibility

What sets Incahoots apart is that we are a concentrated team with a focus on providing a holistic solution that does not terminate at candidate placement. To ensure smooth integration into the business, we have partnered with a coaching house able to offer coaching during the initial settling period. This helps to ensure that your new employee performs their best in the new role.

We focus on finding the perfect fit, that’s why we can offer a 1 year guarantee on all our placements.

Our approach is personal, fueled by a passion to attract and hire the best talent in the market that is compatible with your organisation’s culture and dynamics.

Do we fit?

  • A structured and systematic approach.
  • An in-depth investigation of well-qualified individuals.
  • A shortlist of hand-picked candidates within 21 days.
  • A personalised and customised service.
  • High success rate.