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Incahoots specialises in executive placements for middle to high and board level management positions. We actively research and assess passive high caliber executives in the industry.  Because our potential candidates are not necessarily job seekers, every step of our engagement  – from market research to candidate identification and placement – is highly discreet, personalised and professional. To implement this process, we foster close partnerships with our clients.

In order to fulfill our promise of presenting a short-list of potential candidates in a 21-day window period, our success relies on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs.  We apply our methodical strategic approach, which combines an evaluation of the industry; the company’s profile and the candidates’ character and background, including details and discreet reference checks.

The success of our solution relies on total compatibility between our client and the candidate to ensure sustainability. To this end, our services extend beyond placement to providing coaching services to ensure the smooth on-boarding and integration into the business.

Our value added services include talent mapping of critical to the business skills.  We also launch and manage campaigns where we identify and manage future talent for our clients within various sectors.  In today’s fast paced economy, it is often human capital and expertise that can give corporations the edge over their competitors, ensuring that their product offering is customized to the needs of their client base.

As such, we specialize in crafting initiatives that identify, track and engage top talent within an industry. In one of our very successful case studies for a major telecommunication company, we conceived and executed an innovative and inspired “Black Females Leaders in Waiting Campaign” that contributed significantly to the commercial aspect of the business. Additionally some of the candidates were placed as non-executive board members.

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